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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Momo's Big Birthday

We won't reveal exactly which one it was, but it ended in a zero. Mr. Incredible made it back from New York just as Papa and Uncle B arrived in town. So all were on hand to celebrate. Some pictures of the weekend...

Dash, always happy to sit still for one second:

Jack-Jack is a real ringer at mexican dominoes:Uncle B finally meets little Jack-Jack:
A visit to the sprayground:Dash catches up with a puppy:
Riding the seesaw with Papa standing guard:

Riding in a Big Red Car:
Lots of cars:
Sliding With Uncle B:
Having a blast:Backyard Fun:

The family ready for Momo's Birthday Dinner:
Jack-Jack working on a glass of chardonnay:
Jack-Jack and Momo at the nicest restaurant in town (I don't think they had highchairs around! I love that look when you show up at a five star restaurant with a baby--the host has no idea what to do with a stroller)
Ordering off the menu--Mommy's Milk:Happy Birthday Momo!


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