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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not the Fingerpainting Type

Dash is kind of particular when it comes to stuff on his hands. We attempted finger painting when Grandmom was in town a few weeks ago, but we wasn't very excited about it until I gave him a paintbrush.
The one notable exception to being upset by "stuff on hands" is tomato sauce. Something about tomato sauce screams rub your hands in it, smear it everywhere and be sure not to miss that spot on your forehead.

Dash tends to like order. He likes to do everything correctly. He likes to succeed. It is hard for him to relax. In other words, he is like his mommy :-) I think being aware of his personality type will help with addressing his frustration and will help me with homeschooling. I have yet to read "The Temperment God Gave You", but Melissa Wiley at The Lilting House recently reminded me of the book, which I will put on hold at our library.

Our "Organization Kid" in action:
All animals accounted for on Noah's ark.
All our cars in a line (actually, he's straightening it up after Mommy accidentally tripped over them.)


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