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Friday, June 01, 2007

Backyard Drama

This morning, while Jack-Jack and I watched Dash play on the slide in our backyard, I heard a yelp. Then a scream. Then lots of screams. With Jack-Jack in my arms and Dash at my side we hurried into the alley, as I feared someone was seriously hurt.

We found a dog out of his fence and jumping up on one of Dash's neighborhood buddies who is 3 years old and terrified of dogs. In my desperate attempt to play the hero and shoo the dog away from said little boy while trying to keep the dog from jumping on Jack-Jack, I neglected to remember Dash's Blankie tucked under my arm. The dog got a hold of Dash's Blankie and made a mad dash for it. Dash thought this was all funny and very exciting until he realized that Blankie was going bye-bye.

Then he went nuts.

Really, nuts.

Another mom who had come into the alley due to the noise/screaming/barking/commotion quickly assessed the situation and lured the dog back to retrieve Dash's irreplaceable Blankie. I have no idea what I would have done if the dog had run away with Blankie!

So, in summary, neighborhood friend and blankie saved from dog. After reading this brief story it sounds much less dramatic than it was at the time---it was quite a crazy few minutes!


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