The Chronicles of Mommyhood

Friday, June 30, 2006

New Hobby

Dash loves climbing up the stairs. Yesterday Mr. Incredible was able to coax him up all the way to the second floor. That's a lot of stairs. The only drawback to this newly discovered talent is that "What goes up must come down." He will not go back down, despite being shown how to wiggle down backwards, so up he goes and then cries until someone gets him.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bed Head

Mr. Incredible was very pleased to make the following discovery....Dash has Bed Head! Why is this something to rejoice over? Contrary to some of our little friends who emerged from the womb needing a hair cut, Dash's head was, well, as smooth as a baby's bottom. Just the tinest bit of peach fuzz was visible. So, to find that he has enough hair to stick up is just about the cutest thing we have seen.

<-- Note hair sticking straight up

Note No Hair -->

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So Yummy Dash Must Share!

Dash not only likes to put things in his own mouth, but now finds it amusing to put things in other people's mouths....such as "Mommy, don't you want a piece of this slobbery half-eaten graham cracker?" Before naptime today, he (unsuccessfully) attempted to put a paci in his giant donkey's mouth. At least he's learning to share!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Not so discriminating....

Although not a fan of foie gras, Dash ate the Texas specialty known as "Sausage on a Stick" for lunch today. Granted, it is (relatively) good meat, but not quite a gourmet delicacy...


Last weekend we took Dash to the wading pool, which was a slightly scandalizing experience for both Mommy and Dash (Mr. Incredible was using his superpowers at the driving range). We happened to arrive just in time for not one, but two toddler birthday parties, so there were dozens of 1-5 year olds everywhere. Dash was a bit taken aback by the screaming, splashing, pouring, jumping chaos all around. I was the only parent in the water, while the toddler parents were chaperoning from the sidelines. They were CONSTANTLY chastizing their little ones for their behavior. I'm all for a rowdy, rolicking good time in the pool, but kids were pouring water on others' heads and making others cry. In my view, this doesn't merit a third or fourth warning, but if Dash had knowingly poured water on a little girl's head who said NO! he would be out of the pool in no time. No warnings. I'm quite certain that my parents would have done the same for me. Anyway, the constant warnings and lack of enforcement/consequences got me thinking about discipline and realizing that I don't know much about the matter. But I have to think that let your no mean no and your yes mean yes is pretty good advice. But perhaps that is just easier for me to say now...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gourmet Baby

As noted in a previous post, I come from a family that loves to cook and loves food. With Momo in town, we decided to give Dash his very first taste of foie gras. Maybe not the brightest idea to get the little man hooked on a $100/lb delicacy that his mommy cannot afford. Fortunately, he was not overwhelmed with joy at his first taste. (Though he recently enjoyed a procuitto and truffle oil combination.)

As I sit here, Dash just took 5 steps in a row, twice. He's really testing his sea legs today!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Big Foot!

"Mommy, please remove these foreign objects from my feet!"

Momo bought Dash his first pair of big boy shoes...Dash is sporting a size 5 shoe, which makes his feet about half as big as mine already. He is not wild about them...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sweet Baby!

We are in love with our little peanut who is a whopping 2.2 cm! I love being able to have this first glimpse at our growing baby. Dash was fascinated by the ultrasound equipment, not so much with his baby brother or sister. (For the record, I think it's a boy, but I also "knew" Dash was a girl.) The due date was revised to a week later, which confirmed what I thought about conceiving after a miscarriage. We are so excited to meet this little one. Mr. Incredible thinks that this may be a "chill" baby as opposed to our hyperactive Dash!

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Vacation From Vacation

After two weeks on the road with Dash, I need a vacation! With 6 plane flights, three out of town weddings and a black tie event and visiting both sets of grandparents in the last month, Mr. Incredible pitched in a ton this weekend and let mommy sleep a lot. During our travels, Dash took his first steps, stood up all by himself, learned the "v" sound and started cutting teeth 5 and 6.

All 4 grandparents and 1 uncle were very happy to see the little man. We swam, proved that the grandparents' homes are not quite babyproofed, visited great aunts, made messes and made everyone smile!