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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moms Are Allowed to Mess Up on Mother's Day!

When we arrived for mass on Sunday morning I discovered that little Jack-Jack was in need of a diaper change. The nice thing about having a big car is that the back can serve as a changing table. So I sent Mr. Incredible and Dash on ahead and took care of the little man, locked the car and caught up with the other boys. I had the funny feeling that I was supposed to have the car keys so I asked Mr. Incredible if he had them. Nope. "Why would I have them," he asked, "you drove." Ah, yes, Mr. Incredible couldn't find his wallet as we rushed out the door to be on time for mass, so I had driven. Since he normally drives when we are together, I am not used to having the car keys at mass. Whoops. Halfway through mass we spotted a family that literally lives across the street from us. They were Mr. Incredible's ticket home to retrieve a spare set of keys. So after mass he left with them while Dash entertained himself by his favorite fountain and I fed the baby. Mr. Incredible called to let me know he was home, had the spare set of my keys, but now couldn't find his keys. So I directed him to his spare set of his keys. In the meantime, he found his wallet. People were pouring in for the next mass as we finally made our way home. I had indeed left my keys on my makeshift changing table in the back of the car. All Mr. Incredible had to say about the incident was, "I'm so glad it wasn't my fault!"

Two of the three reasons I was able to celebrate on Mother's Day:

We still can't get over how much Dash loves Jack-Jack!


  • it's good to know you're not totally perfect! happy belated mother's day!

    By Anonymous lisa, at 8:07 PM  

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