The Chronicles of Mommyhood

Friday, June 29, 2007

A Masterpiece

Like Alice, I do not tend to be a huge fan of modern art. I simply don't find much of it inspiring (whatever the artist's intentions!). That said, I have a new all-time favorite work of art. Dash painted a picture yesterday and for the Very First Time Ever, he told me what he painted.

I am so proud I can hardly stand it. I would frame it immediately, but, as difficult as it will be for me to part with such a masterpiece, I think it will have to make its way into Great Grandma's hands next week.

Without further ado I present, Red Tractor:

In case you want to see it in another light:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Tactic

Dash, like any almost 2 year old, is quite a master of stalling tactics. He starts turning pages in books the wrong way if he knows a book is almost over. He says he needs to use the potty. He needs this animal or that blankie, etc.

Dash made a recent addition to the stalling aresenal. We conclude night prayers with a litany. We ask our family patrons and special family intercessors to pray for us. Tonight Dash looked pleadingly at Mr. Incredible and said/signed, "More, more." They went through more than 30 saints tonight. How can a parent refuse? As Mr. Incredible said, "Well, if you're gonna stall, you may as well pray a litany."

[Maracas courtesy of Dash's aunt and godmother from her recent trip to Mexico]

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jack-Jack...It's For You!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happiest Baby on the Block

Have you ever seen a baby as happy as Jack-Jack?!?

Battle of the Wills

As Mr. Incredible turned on the TV to watch the final round of the US Open:

Dash (always the optimist): Elmo!
Mr. Incredible: Golf.
Dash (with a hint of frustration) Elmo!
Mr. Incredible (not to be deterred): Golf.
Dash: Elmo!!
Mr. Incredible: Golf!!

I won't reveal the exact length of this two word conversation, but it went of for quite awhile.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Momo's Big Birthday

We won't reveal exactly which one it was, but it ended in a zero. Mr. Incredible made it back from New York just as Papa and Uncle B arrived in town. So all were on hand to celebrate. Some pictures of the weekend...

Dash, always happy to sit still for one second:

Jack-Jack is a real ringer at mexican dominoes:Uncle B finally meets little Jack-Jack:
A visit to the sprayground:Dash catches up with a puppy:
Riding the seesaw with Papa standing guard:

Riding in a Big Red Car:
Lots of cars:
Sliding With Uncle B:
Having a blast:Backyard Fun:

The family ready for Momo's Birthday Dinner:
Jack-Jack working on a glass of chardonnay:
Jack-Jack and Momo at the nicest restaurant in town (I don't think they had highchairs around! I love that look when you show up at a five star restaurant with a baby--the host has no idea what to do with a stroller)
Ordering off the menu--Mommy's Milk:Happy Birthday Momo!

Storm Troopers

They arrived in an innocuous looking minivan. What said van concealed was an entire room of furniture along with two women affectionately referred to as the STORM TROOPERS. They are, among other things, packing geniuses, grandmothers, bargain hunters, painters, carpenters, lifelong friends and seriously addicted to chocolate.

Momo and Aunt C drove to Texas several weekends ago with my brother's childhood bedroom set for Dash. I am still speechless at the amount of furniture that came out of a minivan. The two bedframes are still in the garage and the nightstand and dresser are not even pictured. I am still pondering exactly how to explain to our children exactly how the World Series sign came into our possession...

Immediately upon returning home in the minivan, Momo jumped on a plane to return to Texas to celebrate a Very Big Birthday with our whole family. Pictures to come soon...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

One, Big, Wet, Happy Family

We have already made several trips to the sprayground this season, but we wanted to see how the boys would do in a big pool. So last weekend we took the boys to our local indoor pool. Jack-Jack looked adorable in his swim trunks! Mr. Incredible took Dash for a swim in the Lazy River and Jack-Jack was content to float on his belly. The last picture shows some of the water playgound in the background.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Backyard Drama

This morning, while Jack-Jack and I watched Dash play on the slide in our backyard, I heard a yelp. Then a scream. Then lots of screams. With Jack-Jack in my arms and Dash at my side we hurried into the alley, as I feared someone was seriously hurt.

We found a dog out of his fence and jumping up on one of Dash's neighborhood buddies who is 3 years old and terrified of dogs. In my desperate attempt to play the hero and shoo the dog away from said little boy while trying to keep the dog from jumping on Jack-Jack, I neglected to remember Dash's Blankie tucked under my arm. The dog got a hold of Dash's Blankie and made a mad dash for it. Dash thought this was all funny and very exciting until he realized that Blankie was going bye-bye.

Then he went nuts.

Really, nuts.

Another mom who had come into the alley due to the noise/screaming/barking/commotion quickly assessed the situation and lured the dog back to retrieve Dash's irreplaceable Blankie. I have no idea what I would have done if the dog had run away with Blankie!

So, in summary, neighborhood friend and blankie saved from dog. After reading this brief story it sounds much less dramatic than it was at the time---it was quite a crazy few minutes!