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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are You Going Back?

It is that time of reunions. It is huge and everyone is asking the million dollar question - Are you going back? Six in the City may bleed orange and black, but I walked out of the gates of my alma mater black and blue. Thesis controversies, anti-Catholic art, and university support of misleading info about abortion were just a few of the issues dealt with during our senior year. I will spare the saga, which most of you have heard many times over. Let's just say, I left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Mr. Incredible, however, thinks I should make an effort to go to my fifth with the boys. I am an ivy-league educated mother who doesn't think raising children full-time is a waste my education (though I do think I have certain responsibilities as a result). I did meet my husband and made the best friends in college. Still, as someone less-than-enamored with her alma mater, I have no desire to walk into a room to see my son (or husband) dressed like this!


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