The Chronicles of Mommyhood

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Because Mommy Surely Won't Mind... rooting through her desk if I have a rosary around my neck!

Jack-Jack is checking out Mr. Incredible's Fantasy Football picks:

And making a few changes to the line-up:

When Mr. Incredible asked Dash who he should pick in the first round, Dash replied, "Momo."

Because everyone need a 5'2" Polish Grandma on their Fantasy Football Team.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Take a Deep Breath!

Just breathe...really...BREATHE!

Our dear sweetheart Jack-Jack is emulating his blog patron from The Incredibles to the tee. Though content and happy most of the time, when Jack-Jack gets mad, he gets REALLY mad. So much so that he doesn't breathe and passes out. When this happened for the first time last week I thought he had died as I held my limp, unconscious little boy in my arms. Several seconds later he was fine...breathing, content and happy.

After twice terrifying his Mommy, Jack-Jack has been officially diagnosed with breath-holding spells. It is so common the doctor has a standard handout on it. Up to 5% of kids do this between 6 months and 5 years. There is not much I can do about it other than try to startle him into breathing when I know it is coming. The biggest risk is that he would injure himself if he falls as he passes out. While reassuring that BHS are completely benign, don't cause brain damage or signify emotional problems (it's likely genetic), I find it frustrating that I can do nothing to prevent it! Making a big fuss about it or showing your fear can make the spells more frequent as babies approach toddlerhood and temper tantrums. They can learn to trigger the attacks themselves when frustrated or angry. It is yet another reminder for me that God is in control and to trust him!

Dash had his 2-year checkup when we were at the pediatrician. His new stats (which are appropriate for a normal 3 year-old):

Height: 37 inches
Weight: 32 pounds

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dash is Two!

The Birthday Boy Awakes!

Dash loved his school bus balloon. Grandmom, Granddad and Dash's Godparents were on hand to celebrate on Sunday.

Race Track and Cars were a big hit:

A New Ball for playing catch:

Dash tries to eat the cookie card:

Cool Catholic Saint puzzles:

Dash's Godfather tries his hand at the puzzles:

Race Car Birthday Cake:

A Toast to Dash!

"Want That One!"

Dash Trying to Sniff Out the Candles:

Finger-Licking Good:

The Family Watching Dash Eat His Car:

Dash Closing His Eyes for a round of Hide-and-Go-Seek:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hurry Home Honey!

Jack-Jack has been scooting for awhile but yesterday he really got into the crawling position. When Dash figured this out it was less than 48 hours until he was all-out crawling. I know some babies just hang out in the crawling position for weeks so we may have some time before this milestone is past, but of course it would happen while Mr. Incredible is "working" in California.

Gasp! After just going to Pebble Beach's website I realized that there is a live webcam and I could have watched Mr. Incredible putt-out on the 18th hole yesterday. So sad! But how sorry should I feel for a guy who is being paid to play golf at Pebble Beach?

In other news, Dash's imagination is really flourishing. Not that it hasn't been all along, it is just that now he can explain to me what he is thinking. For example, yesterday he told me there was a silly white hippopotamus in the kitchen. I asked him what said hippo was doing and he gave me a look as if he was shocked that I didn't know the hippo was, "Helping cook."

I always wanted a hippopotamus for a sous chef.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

And Then There Were None...

After this weekend, everyone in this group of college roomies will be married! It is truly remarkable that we have been blessed with each other and such fantastic, godly men in our lives! Best Wishes soon-to-be-Mrs. Yellow Parasol!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Everyday Life

After a very busy July, it is nice to have some quiet days at home.

Everyday, ordinary life during which bathrooms are cleaned and boys play. Green beans and tomatoes are pulled from our tiny gardens. Here are some sweet snapshots:

  • Ignoring the stacks of board books, Dash heads to the bookcases with Mommy and Daddys' books. He deliberately picks out "The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius" and demands, "Read that one." Um....ok.
  • Dash pleads for more "cookie" meaning the pots de creme in Mr. Incredible's hand. He tells Dash, "Say pots de creme," to which Dash responds "Pray for us." There must be a St. Pots de Creme somewhere. It is almost a heavenly dessert...
  • Dash says, "Oh, Yes," or "Oh, Yeah" to everything instead of just "yes". It makes everything seem so dramatic.
As in: "Dash, do you want to go to the park?" or "Dash, would you like some sweet potatoes?" or "Dash did you go potty?"

"Oh, Yes!"

  • Jack-Jack and Dash play rousing games of peek-a-boo. Dash stands behind Jack-Jack and runs from one side to the other until all (including Mommy) dissolve into giggles.

Summer Travels Part 2

After spending just enough time at home to unpack and repack, the kids and I went to St. Louis while Mr. Incredible went on a retreat. It was Jack-Jack's first trip to St. Louis and he had the chance to meet his Great Grandma or "Babka" (Polish for Grandma). She has been so excited to see the baby!! She told me several times that she was planning on stealing him...

Dash and Babka hit it off well since Dash loves an audience and Babka wanted to do nothing other than watch the boys:

He showed her all of his best splashes:

And how he has mastered drinking from the sprinkler:

Jack-Jack didn't want to be outdone:

Jack-Jack also met a dear friend from high school:

And the boys' Great Aunt stopped by to play some Patio Pictionary:

Did I mention Babka couldn't get enough of the boys?

Dash helped Papa BBQ:

While Jack-Jack looked on:

Papa, much to Dash's pleasure, got out the choo-choo trains:

We all took a dip in a nearby pool:

Jack-Jack loved the Lazy River:

Dash flirted with the lifeguard so she let him go down the slide that he was not supposed to go down:

And before we knew it we were headed home again!