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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Storm Troopers

They arrived in an innocuous looking minivan. What said van concealed was an entire room of furniture along with two women affectionately referred to as the STORM TROOPERS. They are, among other things, packing geniuses, grandmothers, bargain hunters, painters, carpenters, lifelong friends and seriously addicted to chocolate.

Momo and Aunt C drove to Texas several weekends ago with my brother's childhood bedroom set for Dash. I am still speechless at the amount of furniture that came out of a minivan. The two bedframes are still in the garage and the nightstand and dresser are not even pictured. I am still pondering exactly how to explain to our children exactly how the World Series sign came into our possession...

Immediately upon returning home in the minivan, Momo jumped on a plane to return to Texas to celebrate a Very Big Birthday with our whole family. Pictures to come soon...


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