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Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Tactic

Dash, like any almost 2 year old, is quite a master of stalling tactics. He starts turning pages in books the wrong way if he knows a book is almost over. He says he needs to use the potty. He needs this animal or that blankie, etc.

Dash made a recent addition to the stalling aresenal. We conclude night prayers with a litany. We ask our family patrons and special family intercessors to pray for us. Tonight Dash looked pleadingly at Mr. Incredible and said/signed, "More, more." They went through more than 30 saints tonight. How can a parent refuse? As Mr. Incredible said, "Well, if you're gonna stall, you may as well pray a litany."

[Maracas courtesy of Dash's aunt and godmother from her recent trip to Mexico]


  • With parents as wonderful as the two of you, stalling becomes the road to sanctity! Too adorable, and what a great start Dash is getting in the important things in life.

    And I love the maracas!

    By Blogger Alice Gunther, at 1:34 AM  

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