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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Plenty of Houseguests...

But no baby boy yet! You would think the blog hiatus would mean, quite literally, the fruits of labor, but not quite yet! Instead, I was graced with the presence of 5 of my dearest friends in my very own home, all of whom travelled from various parts of the country for a reunion. The one who made the weekend happen was "Aunt Weesie" who drove to another city so that she could take a friend's 19-month-old on a 4 hour flight as a lap child. Can anyone believe that is has been 5 weddings, one engagement, 8 babies, and too many cities and jobs to count since college? Last weekend was truly a gift since no one thought I would make it until 39 weeks (now going on 40...). We have been together for so many wonderful celebrations, events and births, but what we needed was a weekend with precisely nothing more than each other. We had a delightful wedding/baby shower last Saturday for which the certified cake decorator slacked off and made the guests of honor decorate their own cakes. Other than that, we talked, ate, and talked some more.

Dash, who has yet to learn the art of chivarly, let his sweet friend push him in his wagon. He did treat her to a lovely breakfast in his learning tower, though.

After the girls left, I had my first "false alarm" that led to my mom flying in from St. Louis. She has been stranded here because of the ice storm in the midwest while my father is at home with no power eating soup heated over a camp stove and sleeping by a fire. Momo being here this week is the best blessing...she has insisted on my taking at least 2 naps a day while she cooks and cleans and helps with Dash. Since our weather here has been no picnic, we are breaking into some of the Christmas presents that Dash never opened since there were so many it was overwhelming. So we spent part of the day in our new tunnel.


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