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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Merging Thanksgiving Traditions

Marriage means, among many other things, combining family traditions. In addition to expecting Dash to catch the main course, my family also expects you to work off your Thanksgiving meal before you eat it. This was Mr. Incredible's first chance to relish in the tradition of the early morning Thanksgiving Day 5K. In contrast, his family's preferred method of preparing for the evening Thanksgiving feast is to spend the day eating and watching football (perhaps a more traditional and certainly less painful way to spend the day).
Mr. Incredible declared post-race victory, although he was smoked by both his brother-in-law and almost 60 year old father-in-law. For he had beaten his over 7 month pregnant wife. In my own defense....strollers had to start at the back of the mob, I didn't have a jogging stroller and it was impossible to weave through the masses. (Did I mention I was pushing 40+ pounds and carrying another child in the womb? Can you tell I am a bit competitive?) Dash does prove good motivation to run, because whenever he senses me slowing down he turns around as if to say, "Mom, pick up the pace!"
So as not to totally alienate Mr. Incredible from my side of the family, we promised to be home Thanksgiving afternoon to cheer on the Cowboys!


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