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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Does Anyone Recognize This Man?

Just when we all thought we knew "Mr. Incredible", class of '99, captain of the golf team, he figures out a way to surprise me. I burned two fingers early this week, which was not serious, but was very painful. After soaking them in cold water for the appropriate amount of time, Mr. Incredible informed me that I should wrap them loosely in guaze with ointment (thank you webMD). Realizing that we were lacking in gauze, I wrapped them in a cool washcloth while Mr. Incredible went to see what he could find. He returned with a lanolin treated nursing pad.


This from the man who had never changed a diaper before 15 months ago. And several months ago as we ate our anniversary dinner overlooking a terrace with a wedding reception, he commented that he didn't like the bride's dress very much. I asked him if was because it was too ivory, to which he responded indignantly, "It's way darker than's champagne." Oh, well, excuse me!

But then he does have his merely human last night when he related to me how an analyst he was meeting with had his wife go into labor 6 weeks early when he was supposed to be on a business trip. But the analyst had cancelled it to be on the safe side. No big deal, except he told me this over the phone from New York. And he will be travelling next week, too. I could have probably waited a few weeks to hear that story, sweetie!


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