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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Make Sure to Hide the Silver...

While on the subject of how Dash is really more responsible and better behaved than I tend to give him credit for...

We were invited to a baby shower for my former boss and friend who just had an adorable little boy. I didn't want to post pics of him without her permission, but let's just say he has the best hair ever seen on a baby this side of the Mississippi. The hostess insisted that I bring our two little guys (even though I offered to get a sitter) to an extremely nice club for the luncheon. I was a little nervous about having both boys there. But Dash did wonderfully, even though it was during his naptime. He was so very excited about all the silverware. Stingy Mommy only lets him eat with one fork at a time. Here they GIVE you three and there are bound to be a few more in your reach before Mommy realizes what you are up to and rearranges the table.

Here he is enjoying his dessert of blueberries out of a crystal goblet. He began by using the spoon in a very controlled manner.

Then the more efficient (if somewhat less elegant) fist took over.
Jack-Jack found a cozy seat in the arms of the guest of honor's grandma.

I have also been letting Dash help me in the kitchen more. He is my resident potato scrubber.
I was discussing homeschooling with a friend from college the other day who is expecting a baby this summer and relating some of the general principles and ideas I have read about homeschooling-- leading an integrated life of learning, books and faith and realized that in many ways I have put many of these ideas into practice already...sometimes unconsciously. While I still have much to learn, I am realizing that homeschooling may not be nearly as dramatic as I thought it would be and that this is a good thing. It is a natural way of learning.


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