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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our (sniff) Big Boy

I've mentioned how sixinthecity inspired me to give Dash more responsibility. Since her advice has always been great, I decided that since Dash was chucking his sippy cup all over the kitchen we would give drinking from a glass cup a try. Our experiments with the little plastic dixie cups failed horribly causing me to abandon the effort last month. But the small, weighty glasses from Ikea are working beautifully.
If this wasn't enough to make a mother's heart swell with pride even as I blink back tears that my baby is growing up so quickly, Dash made his long anticipated "crib break" yesterday. We thought that if he really wanted to take the plunge he would be tall and strong enough to do it. A floor shaking thud was followed by a plea to Dash's guardian angel as I sprinted to his room praying that nothing was broken. Dash was fine, just very shaken up. So last night we abandoned the safe shelter of the crib for the "big boy" room.

Two twin mattresses on the floor have provided weeks of jumping fun. I never got around to posting these pictures of our "big boy" room several weeks ago when we got the mattresses.

Last night we read our books, said our prayers and turned out the lights. Mr. Incredible and I took turns rubbing his back, though when we left the room it sounded like a human pinball machine. It took him about an hour to settle down enough to sleep. Naptime today was somewhat successful...I was happy that he fell asleep at all! Dash enjoyed practicing sleeping on his bed most of the day today.


  • wow! three mattresses looks like way too much fun to sleep...

    By Blogger Lisa, at 6:55 PM  

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