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Saturday, January 27, 2007

In The Words of Dash....


This is what our oven looked like this week, leaving me searching our pantry and fridge for meals that don't require cooking, but not yet brave enough to take both kids to the grocery store to buy more food. The glass front of the oven literally exploded into a million pieces. Thankfully, no one was in the room at the time. Mr. Incredible and I were sleeping with the baby when my mom came into our room and said she needed Mr. Incredible's help. I didn't even see the mess, which is definitely a good thing, because it pretty much covered the first floor of our house.

The simplest of all meals--frozen pizza with salad-in-a-bag--was off the table, so we ate a lot of left-overs and cereal. On Friday morning, much to Dash's pleasure, a big truck showed up in front of our house and unloaded the new range.

The installers thought Dash was a riot, with his running, if unintelligible, commentary on the progress. They didn't even freak out when he started playing with their tools.

In order to avert a potential nervous breakdown by an exhausted wife, Mr. Incredible offered to let me choose any range that my heart desired. So we now have a 5-burner gas cooktop with a double oven. This is the only style that has the gas controls on the top, which was very important to me since Dash has managed to bypass almost every childproofing device in existence. I can barely get those plastic things out of the electrical sockets, but Dash has no trouble. He just hands me the plastic with a look that says, "you need to find a bigger challenge for me, Mom." Here is the new beauty...

The installers were even happy to let Dash keep the box that he can almost stand up in.

The box was later converted to a fort in the game room. Even Grandmom and Dash's aunt got into it!


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