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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dash With the Animals

Dash has been enthralled with every animal he has ever seen from puppies and bunnies to tiny ants (that subsequently attacked him...they were fire ants and he had little red bites on his ankles for weeks). But we have yet to venture a trip to the zoo because of distance, nap times and heat. The animals at the pumpkin patch were the closest Dash has come to a zoo...maybe it was even better because he could pet and feed the farm animals. We got our cups of goat feed when we entered, and, after trying to explain to a 13 month old that even though it looks like cereal, it is yucky for little boys, we were able to find some goats very happy to munch away. Dash giggled every time he touched the goats or the furry sheep. Now if only we had a goat for our would certainly help with the mowing!


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