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Sunday, September 24, 2006

What Dash Learned During A Week At Grandmom's

Mommy will let me watch movies on Mr. Incredible's computer on the plane. She will also bribe me with graham crackers and bananas. And if your plane has a maintenance problem that requires you to sit on the ground for an hour before they turn on the engines and and the auxillary power just isn't cutting it and it is really, really hot in the back row of the plane, Mommy will let me run around the plane with no pants on. And then give me more cookies.

If Grandmom and Granddad happened to miss my First Birthday, I will get to eat cake and open presents all over again.

Dash has No Fear! (I guess we already knew this.) He will jump right into a freezing cold pool. He also looks good in an innertube.
There is such a things as a pet store that has tons and tons of puppies. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was seeing wall-to-wall puppies, pointing, petting and playing with them!


  • Here's to multiple birthday celebrations! I had a nephew who thought he was 8 because he had celebrated his fourth birthday so many times, he thought he got a new number every time there was a new cake!

    By Blogger sixandthecity, at 9:27 AM  

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