The Chronicles of Mommyhood

Friday, October 06, 2006

I Guess We're "Real Learning"

Or at least we are following our first "rabbit trail!" Dash has recently become obsessed with "things that go" including trucks, cars, wagons, and construction equipment. We have already checked out board books from the library on trucks and constuction equipment. I have been driving a longer way whenever we go out because some huge bulldozers and diggers are laying pipes nearby. Sometimes we park in the lot across the street and watch them work. And today we postponed my planned trip to Babies'R'Us because 2 moving vans parked right across the street from our house. We went to get the mail and half an hour later came back flushed, but very excited. One burly man asked Dash if he could lift a television. No such luck, but we continued watching the big vans from the dining room. Dash also tried driving Mommy's car, which was fun because there are lots of buttons to push from the driver's seat. I think we will have to get Dash some of his own Usborne books on trucks for Christmas.


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