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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Other Highlights

  • I really do have a belly. Here is the proof:
    See the bump? I promise it is there! Since I've never had a belly with a little one before, I am still somewhat unsure of the best way to carry Dash (not usually an issue, since he likes to walk himself, but occasionally, like when you stand at the street to watch the trash truck empty our trashcan and then every other trashcan on the street, it is necessary) you hold him on the side? On top of the belly? And for anyone who is jealous of a small-measuring tummy...I have heard that posterior babies make mom's tummy stick out less. I would take a HUGE belly and an anterior baby any day of the week.
  • Dash made it for a whole one hour, fifteen minute mass last week and one weekday mass without having to go to the back for the first time since he was a sleeping newborn. I don't want to get my hopes up, but very exciting nonetheless.
  • Mr. Incredible had jury duty this week before jetting off to NYC. He was picked for a jury and the case was, I kid you not, about two 18 year old guys pretending to be ninjas and taking pictures of themselves jumping off of a roof for promotional material to open a ninja school. They were apparently dressed from head to toe in black practicing ninja techniques, including stealth and "invisibility". The defendant's lawyer apparently pointed out that they could readily be seen in the pictures. One guy broke his leg as he jumped when the other guy was shooting a bebe gun at him. Not surprisingly, the jury found them both negligent and awarded no damages. The judge referred to it as the case of "dumb and dumber." Our tax dollars at work. At least it makes a good story.
  • Momo spent several days here and her little apprentice, Dash, is progressing in his training. Having already mastered the art of the power drill, he proved that he is not afraid of heights and helped measure some drapes.
  • I went to my book club and out of 11 women, 6 were pregnant (and showing), 3 had infants and the 2 others had toddlers. We looked like an ad for maternity clothes. It is so great to be around Catholic mothers!


  • You look completely beautiful, and I can't even see a belly yet in that photo! You could not be carrying more gracefully.

    Great story about jury duty!

    By Blogger Alice, at 11:34 AM  

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