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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random Tidbits

Jack-Jack, with a confirmed case of RSV, has been sick for several weeks and finally seems to be on the mend. Dash seems to have caught the bug in all its congested, feverish, coughing glory. Fortunately, both boys are doing much better. For the first time in Incredible family history Jack-Jack out-ate Dash. This is good news since he lost some weight while he was sick. Dash caught the bug later and is nursing his sore throat with Popsicles for breakfast, while Jack-Jack tears though cheese, meat, banana, cereal and oatmeal in a matter of minutes.

While convalescing, Dash found time to make some Thanksgiving turkeys for Babka.

Yesterday was Dash's baptismal anniversary. He was very excited about the "Hot and Dangerous" candle, though not his baptismal one. It is already packed and in safekeeping at Grandmom's house. Mr. Incredible thinks we should just get rid of everything that is in storage, but I have actually missed a few things: the bread machine, Dash's comforter, my melon baller (to make kid sized caramel apples), the laminating machine.

This morning Dash built some towers with his blocks. The one on the left is "an astronaut with three heads," so I'm told. Dash is fascinated by all things outerspace. He has been able to name the planets since he was just over 2 (all 9 of them...our books are old and when I grew up there were 9 planets, not 8!).

Jack-Jack keeps growing up. *sigh* His new tricks include crawling up the stairs and waving. He has learned his first two signs...More and Touchdown (it IS football season). He also kind of took his first steps, though Mr. Incredible thought it was more "momentum while falling." This baby is getting big! Here he is tasting the fall foliage.

Many blessings on this fall evening!


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