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Friday, August 10, 2007

Hurry Home Honey!

Jack-Jack has been scooting for awhile but yesterday he really got into the crawling position. When Dash figured this out it was less than 48 hours until he was all-out crawling. I know some babies just hang out in the crawling position for weeks so we may have some time before this milestone is past, but of course it would happen while Mr. Incredible is "working" in California.

Gasp! After just going to Pebble Beach's website I realized that there is a live webcam and I could have watched Mr. Incredible putt-out on the 18th hole yesterday. So sad! But how sorry should I feel for a guy who is being paid to play golf at Pebble Beach?

In other news, Dash's imagination is really flourishing. Not that it hasn't been all along, it is just that now he can explain to me what he is thinking. For example, yesterday he told me there was a silly white hippopotamus in the kitchen. I asked him what said hippo was doing and he gave me a look as if he was shocked that I didn't know the hippo was, "Helping cook."

I always wanted a hippopotamus for a sous chef.


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