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Monday, April 09, 2007

A Joyful Easter

We started Easter morning with some blueberry chocolate chip pancakes, followed by a frantic search for winter coats that I had just put away last weekend. Sweaters took the place of spring Easter clothes. Again, the boys loved posing together.Dash's godparents joined us for Easter mass and we made it all the way through sitting in the pew as a family (minus one diaper change, but no behavioral problems other than Dash flirting with the young girls in the pew behind us...still a minor miracle!).

Dash was pleased to find his Easter basket filled with goodies.
We had a lovely lunch and decorated some Easter eggs.
Dash quickly grasped the concept of hunting for eggs . Then he hunkered down to check out his spoils with his Aunt. Since he did not yet have enough sugar coursing through his veins, he ate a bit more of Grandmom's bunny that we had assembled the day before...

Jack-Jack found a comfy seat in his Aunt's arms.

And Mr. Incredible kept pace with the Masters scores.
And Jesus has risen! Alleluia!


  • The perfect Easter with the most beautiful family!

    By Blogger Alice, at 11:59 PM  

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