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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Birdseye View

Yes, that truck is aimed directly at Jack-Jack's head. And, no, it would not be the first time Jack-Jack has ended the day with tire skids on his head.

Other views from last week:
  • We purged our home of all peanut butter, nuts, and anything that is "processed in a plant that also processes peanuts." The two foods that Mommy will miss the most: Chick-fil-A and Butterfingers.
  • We are still receiving many generous baby gifts for Jack-Jack. Dash thinks the boxes of packing peanuts are for him.
  • When showing Mr. Incredible how to use the EpiPen I attempted to jab it into his thigh to demonstrate the amount of force needed to ensure the spring loaded syringe releases. I *may* have neglected to inform him that they give you a training syringe that does not contain a needle or epinephrine. Rather, it makes a clicking noise instead of giving an injection of adrenaline. He may still be recovering from the shock.
  • I made Dash a quick homemade dessert that we love: fresh tortillas (not bagged, but the kind you get still warm, cooked about 30 seconds prior) with butter and cinnamon sugar. But something didn't smell right. I buy many spices in bulk and put them in plain glass jars. I don't advise making a dessert tortilla with taco seasoning.
  • Maybe the mix-up was because I was missing my better half. He was on a boys' weekend celebrating a friend's 30th. After spending the night in a bachelor's house occupied by three guys he returned home Sunday with a bouquet of flowers to thank me firstly for marrying him and secondly for keeping a clean and orderly home.
  • Dash is attempting to imitate Jack-Jack in an effort to get Mommy's attention.
  • I found out that due to another event, our church nursery is available on one weekday during mass. Since there is no way I can contain our wild man Dash and our little bundle by myself, this will allow me to go to mass once a week!
  • And finally, Jack-Jack is all smiles these days. He had his first giggle this morning! I called Mr. Incredible immediately, but he would not repeat the beautiful sound for his Daddy. We are looking forward to many more giggles!


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