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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Visit from Momo and Papa

The family has been lamenting the fact that I haven't posted pictures recently. However, they are the reason why! After undertaking several major home improvement projects on their visit, I have been trying to finish painting and touching up before the new carpet is installed on Monday. If one needs proof that Momo is a taskmaster you can see that she even enlisted the littlest Incredible baby to paint the boys' room. Apparently the camera was stifling Dash's creative genius.
Also during their visit...not one, but two monkeys were to be found jumping on the bed
A traumatic first haircut was soon forgotten when we played with the trains and giant duck.

Momo and Papa posed for pictures with the boys.

Dash found a buddy to help him explore his great backyard.
Jack-Jack found the perfect place to nap.

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible were even able to squeeze in a St. Patrick's Day date! The boys were only too happy to comply with the attempt to take a family picture.


  • What fabulous photos!

    I especially love the family shot!

    By Blogger Alice, at 8:10 PM  

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