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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Is The Pope Catholic?

We were thrilled when Dash started pointing at pictures of Pope Benedict and JPII and saying "papa". Too cute, we thought. Then he grabbed a framed picture of our family and pointed at Grandpa C and said "papa." Apparently the first ever Lutheran pope is on the way!

Well, in truth, I was a little jealous of Dash's name for the pope. For many babies, mama is their first word. Dash has dozens of words, has called Mr. Incredible dada for months and can say Jack-Jack's real name and he's only been around for a few weeks. But until last week, I didn't have a name. I like to think it is because I am always around. I don't need a name, because Dash only needs to turn around and I am right there. On the day he turned 18 months old he gave me the best present...he started saying mama! Ecstatic, but wary that it make be a fluke, I asked Dash what my name was. "Mama!" was the answer. So I asked him again and again all day long. I can't hear it enough times!

Dash makes us laugh all the time when he talks. Regardless of the context, if you ask Dash what he wants, he responds "cook-cook". When cookies are not forthcoming, he asks for "fish".

He is also smarter than I give him credit for. Last week, as he was sitting in his high chair, he started pointing frantically at the ceiling and saying "trash". In general, trash refers to anything thats purpose cannot be immediately determined, is out of place or is inedible. I was facing Dash and dismissed his comment. But he was persistent and would not continue with lunch until I had seen the trash on the ceiling. When I finally tried to see what all the fuss what about, I saw his jammies hanging from a huge bottle of wine. I often toss dirty clothes over the ledge as they land just outside the door to the laundry room. Apparently I need to work on my aim. And speaking of things out of place...Dash, who has been outside enjoying the warmer Texas weather, thought that our window screens needed to be moved inside.


  • Hearing "mama" is pure music!

    And your little guy is wise beyond his years!

    By Blogger Alice, at 12:14 AM  

  • man, you guys are going to have your hands full!

    By Blogger Lisa, at 2:58 PM  

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