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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blessings Everywhere

My life has been sprinkled with so many blessings lately, I hardly know where to begin. This should probably be a Thankful Thursdays post, but it is Sunday and I may be too tired to count to 10.

~Not only were Dash and I lucky enough to have a first class seat this week (thanks to some grandparent miles that upgraded us for fear Dash wouldn't fit on my shrinking lap), but, as the flight was not full, we each had our OWN first class seat.

~Momo picked me up a new pair of running shoes, which feel so walking on pillows. This is probably because I am too *frugal* to replace them when I should and because I am carrying around a few extra pounds (at least for 8 more weeks!). As a side note: two days have passed since the fashion show and I am still acutely aware that there is a reason they tell pregnant women not to wear high heels all day!

~Dash's newly manifested separation anxiety was quelled by having not 1 but 2 grandmas around, allowing me to get a much-needed haircut and spend some time in the silent Eucharistic Adoration chapel of a Carmelite monastery.

~The neighbors directly across the street from my parents are doing construction work on their house that has necessitated a parade of trucks parked on the street. You could have knocked Dash over with a feather when he saw the trucks. Cement trucks, like the one in the picture, are his favorite. We just parked our wagon in the street and watched the action. We also saw a big spinning drill bit attached to a bobcat. To top it off, a neighbor's old black lab came trotting up the street and was perfectly content to let Dash pet him.

~Five of my bridesmaids and best college friends have plane tickets to fly from all over the country for a reunion in Texas the first weekend in January. I'm afraid the excitement of seeing my best friends under one roof may put me into labor! But then our baby boy will get to meet his aunties just as soon as he's born.

~Alas! I published without mentioning my parents' refrigerator stocked with my favorite foods and the AMAZING chocolates brought in from Arizona by my mother-in-law. Perhaps I was not actually the intended recipient of said chocolates, but I'll just consider it a blessing that my visit coincided with the arrival of the chocolate.


  • A great list! How blessed you are! That reunion sounds like fun--I am very hopeful that my four closest friends growing up will get together here in New York this coming summer! We haven't all been in the same room together since my wedding.

    By Blogger Alice, at 8:43 PM  

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