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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The One Who Makes the Noise

Our Church has a "Birthday Blessing" for all who are celebrating their birthday's during a given week at the end of Sunday masses. Dash eagerly went up to receive his recently. After Mass, our priest, who is a missionary from another country, came up to Dash to wish him a Happy First Birthday. Then he added to Mr. Incredible, "He is the one who makes the noise at daily mass." When he saw my mortified look, which easily translates between cultures, he added, "I like the noise." Well, good to know. We are blessed to have two priests who are very encouraging of small children at mass, despite the occasional babbling.

While he does make lots of sounds and noises, Dash has not yet said his first word (at least that we have fully understood, although sometimes he seems to be speaking in complete sentences to himself). He does comprehend an amazing amount. Some of our favorite words that he understands and responds to are:

Bathtime--Followed by Dash getting his towel from the Pack'n'play, putting it on the ground and sitting on it until Mr. Incredible gets him for his bath.
Upstairs--Dash runs to the gate and pulls on it.
Fishy--He will be happy to hand you fish in a variety of colors and shapes, which he can distinguish between a...
Ducky, a Puppy and a Seal.
Book--Dash gets his favorite...right now almost always "A Christmas ABC."
Donkey--He attacks his giant donkey on command!
Nose--He will point to his nose, though occasionally misses and pokes himself in the eye.
Also...Binky, Blankie, Milk, Hungry, Sippy, House, Cookie (courtesy of Momo), etc.
And whenever he hears car keys he starts off in a panicked run to find Mommy to make sure he is not being left behind! How could I leave such an adorable little guy! For one would be too quiet!


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