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Monday, August 07, 2006

Time for preschool?

With so many wonderful posts from Catholic mom bloggers about schooling little ones, I can't wait to start doing preschool activities with Dash. (I also attribute this surge in motivation to reading Elizabeth Foss' book Real Learning and a second trimester energy boost.) Given that Dash turns one in a few weeks, we may have to hold off on sandpaper letters and cuisenaire rods, but this Mom fully intends to have a diligent school year.

My plan is to maintain two binders (or "notebooks"). One is for the Liturgical Year. And as we go through the coming months, I hope to include thoughts, craft and recipie ideas for Feast Days that are important to our family that we want to highlight and celebrate. There are tons of resources to help plan unit studies for vaious liturgical seasons, which will be helpful, as well as blogging moms who share their craft projects and recipies on-line. I want to create an easy reference manual so that I can find and use/implement these ideas when the time comes.

The second binder is to contain cirriculum ideas and resources for everything from nature study to art to math and science. I have stared taking notes from the books I am reading from the library so that I can glean ideas and resources without having to buy tons of books.


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