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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home cooking

I've been meaning to share with friends one of our best money saving tricks of the last few months. I have been making our yougurt with a Salton Yougurt Maker. It costs almost exactly one half of buying yougurt in cartons (the big ones). It is super-simple, just heat, stir and leave for 5-6 hours. I buy organic whole milk and it looks and tastes just like Stonyfield Farms Yogurt. The Salton Yougurt maker cost under $20 with shipping. My only regret is that the more expensive ones like Yogourmet can make twice as much at one time. Dash goes through a quart about every 6 days. I usually mix it with spinach or brocolli and do not add any sweetener. It is quite sour, but he likes the taste. But it is very easy to make a milder tasting yougurt by leaving it for less time, maybe 4 hours instead of 6.

I failed to submit any photos of our kitchen to the Fair of Simple Elegance because I made homemade pasta this weekend and our kitchen was covered in flour. It was the first time I had used our pasta maker to make pasta, which just proves that there are many uses for everything.

Next on the homecooking front...I suspect I will be baking some loaves of whole wheat bread after my birthday next week (and maybe even getting a "pea in the pod" massage!)


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