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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Summer Travels Part 2

After spending just enough time at home to unpack and repack, the kids and I went to St. Louis while Mr. Incredible went on a retreat. It was Jack-Jack's first trip to St. Louis and he had the chance to meet his Great Grandma or "Babka" (Polish for Grandma). She has been so excited to see the baby!! She told me several times that she was planning on stealing him...

Dash and Babka hit it off well since Dash loves an audience and Babka wanted to do nothing other than watch the boys:

He showed her all of his best splashes:

And how he has mastered drinking from the sprinkler:

Jack-Jack didn't want to be outdone:

Jack-Jack also met a dear friend from high school:

And the boys' Great Aunt stopped by to play some Patio Pictionary:

Did I mention Babka couldn't get enough of the boys?

Dash helped Papa BBQ:

While Jack-Jack looked on:

Papa, much to Dash's pleasure, got out the choo-choo trains:

We all took a dip in a nearby pool:

Jack-Jack loved the Lazy River:

Dash flirted with the lifeguard so she let him go down the slide that he was not supposed to go down:

And before we knew it we were headed home again!


  • What a perfectly happy summer!

    The boys and all the family are just beautiful in every way!

    By Blogger Alice Gunther, at 2:39 PM  

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