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Monday, July 16, 2007

Spotted Babies!

I have just received word that my dear, sweet godson has the Chicken Pox! So sad for this 10-month old little guy! Please say a prayer for him. Dash got the chicken pox when he was 6 months old. As a first time mom, I was very panicked seeing my son covered in spots. Dash did not seem overly uncomfortable. We just spent a weekend splashing away in an oatmeal bath. Mr. Incredible concluded that the episode was much harder on Mommy than on anyone else. Since I had been debating on the chicken pox vaccine anyway it meant that he didn't need to get it.

Here is Dash covered in spots at 6 months old!!


  • Dash even looks cute with Chicken Pox!

    My son Patrick had chicken pox at 4 months old!!! He looked unbelievably bad, with deep, deep pox and not a bit of skin that wasn't red and raw. He was like a bumpy scarlet toad. I was so devastated, especially when the doctor told me some of the deeper ones would probably scar, that I did not even take pictures. I thought he would be disfigured for life.

    He has a few marks now, but nothing noticeable or horrid as I feared.

    BTW, the doctor was surprised he caught Chicken Pox, because I'd been nursing and my medical records show I had the pox at about age five. Two weeks after Patrick started, I began pocking and caught it (just as bad as he did--looking like a red toad) in my early thirties!!! I was never so sick in my life.

    Oh well, more than you wanted to know about our horrible experience with Chicken Pox! Praying for the little one who has them now!

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