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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advent Update

I wanted to post about our Advent activities so that I have them for my future reference, but I don't have pictures yet, so I will do that after Christmas. Before the boys and I travel for Christmas, I thought I'd post an update. Jack-Jack has taken several steps, but is not terribly interested in walking. I think he knows he will make an even more tempting target for Dash when he's vertical. Here are some steps on film:

We saw some Christmas trains, which was exciting for both boys:

Jack-Jack was saying, "Mama," but gave that up once he learned, "Dada." It is ok by me when he wakes up SUPER early and starts calling, "Dadadadadada." I can just roll over and say, "Honey, he's calling you!"

I'm pretty sure that nothing refined, processed or artificial touched Dash's lips until after his first birthday. No so for Jack-Jack who enjoyed chowing on some (not homemade) pizza:

And our little man Dash is growing up so quickly that he is already trying to walk in Mr. Incredible's shoes (notice the jammies):


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