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Sunday, May 07, 2006

What It Is

My hope is that this blog will be about raising, forming and educating children, our lives and milestones and joy and struggles. I have learned so much from Catholic homeschooling mothers who take the time to share their lives via blog, and it is great consolation to me that I will never need to reinvent the wheel! I try to spend some of my free time reading about Charlotte Mason, Maria Montessori, and some of the mothers who have written on the application of their principles to home education (though an 8-month old doesn't get super-excited about living history books unless he can eat them). But even at this age I am hoping to lay some groundwork for a well-ordered life for our whole family. Not in any attempt to be the "perfect" mom, for this, I know, would be a futile effort, but hoping to set Dash, as well as myself (and future children), on a path towards sanctification, and love of learning and playing and wonder at God's creation.

As for Dash's this point it consists of:
  • Mommy saying his morning offering:
    The sun is up and I am, too.
    I say Good Morning God to you!
    Lord Jesus Christ, be with me today,
    And help me in all I think and do and say.
    while Dash tries to grab a crucifix of Our Lord.
  • Attending Mass, which, as mentioned before, can involve a good deal of noise and wrestling.
  • In the afternoon I read the Bible aloud, and he generously shares his thoughts in bubbles.
  • Later, he tries to eat the rosary.
  • Loving him and playing together.
  • Taking walks and seeing God's creation.
  • Finally, he drifts off as mommy says his nighttime prayers for our family, the poor, sick and needy, unborn babies, priests and bishops, and the holy souls in purgatory and asks the saints and our baby in heaven to pray for us.

    I am heartened by this, because I know that as he grows, he will be familiar with:
  • Greeting Jesus in the morning and offering up his day
  • Going to mass and praying before the Blessed Sarcrament
  • With taking time to listen and, later, to read scripture
  • Our Blessed Mother and the way rosary beads feel (and taste)
  • Knowing he is loved by his family and by God
  • Seeing the beauty and wonder of God's creation
  • Saying prayers before bed (with an examination of conscience to be added later)
  • With asking the saints to pray for us

We will have (and have had) "off" days, and not all of this may be accomplished every single day, but these daily habits help to provide a rhythm to our day, which keeps us turning towards Our Lord and his mother.


  • What a beautiful way to give your Son a strong foundation of Faith, Joy, and Love! He is so blessed to have you as his mother!

    By Blogger Alice, at 10:05 PM  

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