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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Because It's Spring

Dash is enjoying his afternoons on the swing! If there is a young girl on the playgroud, she usually plops herself in the swing next to him and chats happily to the "pretty baby" (this has happened twice in three days--I'm not quite ready for Dash to be wooing little ladies!). We take our stroller down the block and I sit right in front of him, pop open a diet soda (one of my indulgences!), and gently push him. He smiles on the way back and then giggles when he gets to the point closest to Mommy. We'll try to spend lots of time outside now, before the Texas heat gets too intense.

Also, my very favorite flower, the cala lilly, has begun to bloom in our front yard! Spring has Sprung and He is Risen!


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