The Chronicles of Mommyhood

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another big step (this time for Mommy)

I have committed to doing the one thing which I am quite certain all first-time mothers greatly fear...getting a babysitter. For eight months, we have done without, thanks in part to constantly visiting grandparents and a good-natured baby. With MUCH prompting from Mr. Incredible I made the call and Dash will have his first baby sitter in 2 weeks. She is a lovely homeschooled girl who attends daily mass, has 5 younger siblings (not to mention the older ones) and, quite frankly, probably knows more about babies than I do. So I probably should not have a panic attack everytime I think about it. Come to think of it, I should probably be more worried about leaving Dash alone
with Mr. Incredible, who is easily distracted by golf and Sportscenter.


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